Going Within, Together

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Empathy and Movement Workshop

Growing up in Maine, I always really connected with the idea of hibernation during the winter. With the early nights and the cold surrounding us, it seemed a natural time to slow down and turn inward. The pandemic, of course, is keeping many in the Northern Hemisphere inside. But there is much to turn our focus outward, these days – necessarily so, as there is a lot of work ahead. How do we keep vigilant, keep taking action for justice and transformation, without losing our centers? How do we cultivate the resources and stamina to be available to our communities and to the world while honoring ourselves? This month’s empathy in words and movement workshop explores this dynamic balance between inner and outer worlds. Empathy tools, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication, will be offered along with movement exploration to support self-connection. The workshop will flow from a brief warm up into discussion and movement prompts. All movement invitations are non obligatory. Everything can be done seated, and can be enacted in any way that feels good to the participant.

free; suggested donation: $0-$18