Mourning, Moving and Accompaniment Workshop Series

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Reimagine Virtual Festival

How can we touch our grief and not be consumed? This workshop series invites us to explore grief in community with words and movement.

This 4 session series invites us to explore and express the grief that is held in our bodies. When we are accompanied in our grief, we can become more present to ourselves and others. Self-empathy, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication, coupled with creative movement, invites us to compassionately connect with our experiences - reducing anxiety, and allowing more flow and ease. In this space of empathic listening and embodied self-expression, we can find comfort, understanding, acceptance, and ultimately, healing.

Choreographer and Transformational Facilitator Sasha Soreff, offers a gentle warm up, discussion and guided (optional) movement exploration. Whatever range of motion and mode of expression feels authentic and comfortable for you is welcome.

Attendance at all 4 is encouraged, not required. Each workshop has a unique focus and different rhythm so participants may experience and move through a range of emotions:

Each workshop is Sunday, 12 pm -1:30 pm EDT/9 am - 10:30 am PDT.

April 11 - Session 1: Isolation and Connection

April 18 - Session 2: Accompaniment for lost loved ones/a broken heart

April 25 - Session 3: Accompaniment for lost dreams and unfulfilled longing

May 2 - Session 4: Acknowledging systemic pain and yearning for change

If you'd like to register for all 4 at once, please email Otherwise, please click on the date below to sign up for specific sessions.