Contemporary Dance Class

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every other Monday (December 20, January 3, January 17, January 31 and so on)

Being in community and moving are so vital to our well-being and sense of possibility – now more than ever. This class offers both: we’ll do a thorough warm up drawing on modern dance, Simonson technique, and kinesthetic anatomy principles. The class includes stretching and a range of fluid and rhythmical movement. Movers of all dance backgrounds welcome.

This class meets every other Monday.

suggested donation: $0-$15

email for zoom link!

pair of red sneakers

photo by Renee Dumouchel

photos  by Yi-Chun Wu, Judy Aiges Sasha Soreff

pictured: Desira Barnes (in two images), Nathan Duszny, Ryan Leveille, Mika Yanagihara and Ana Romero; Marcia-Elizabeth Baker- Thompsen, Masanori Asahara, Sasha Soreff