Resonant Healing & Embodiment with Sasha

Are you often in overwhelm, just putting one foot in front of the other as you manage your energy and capacity day to day?

Do you feel disconnected from your body, the people around you, and your own sense of possibility? 

Have you experienced a major life transition or loss that has left you feeling confused and disheartened about moving forward? 

If any of these - all of these - ring true for you, know this: you make sense.  And it doesn't have to be this way.

Resonant Healing and Embodiment Sessions with Sasha support you to get in touch with your deepest yearnings and intentions, and help you navigate the obstacles (internal and external, including trauma) that hold you back.  Resonant Healing is deeply informed by relational neuroscience, with the premise that we find self-connection, integration, and emergent possibilities when we are understood and met with warm curiosity.  

If you are longing to have access to your own sense of agency, possibility, and authentic expression, please reach out for a 30-45 minute (your choice) complimentary session.  

Sasha is honored to be a certified Resonant Healing Practitioner, under the mentorship of Sarah Peyton.  She is also a Certified Transformational Coach through Evolving Wisdom/Institute of Woman-Centered Coaching, under the mentorship of Dr. Claire Zammit.  She is an empathy/movement facilitator and dance teacher with more than 20 years experience creating space for people to find integration and healing through embodiment, empathy, and expression.