Toward the Land of Dreams - a short audio piece by Sasha, presented on the

"Fantasy Holidays in a Time of COVID" podcast


A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ cross country trip yielded unexpected discoveries for Sasha Soreff, when she set off with two friends across the Southern United States in 1992.

On Manifesting and Knowing your Heart's Desires

What does it mean to "manifest?" How does one live their heart's desires?  Please share your reflections in this short survey:

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photos on rotation by Yi-Chun Wu, Julia McNeal, Judy Aiges Sasha Soreff, sneakers: Renee Dumouchel

pictured: Desira Barnes (in two images), Nathan Duszny, Ryan Leveille, Mika Yanagihara and Ana Romero; Marcia-Elizabeth Baker- Thompsen, Masanori Asahara, Sasha Soreff