Mourning, Moving, & Accompaniment

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Led by transformational coach and movement artist Sasha Soreff, Mourning, Moving, and Accompaniment provides a space for honoring grief in community. Empathic conversation, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication and coupled with creative movement, helps us touch our experiences of loss with compassion and support. When we are accompanied in our grief in this way, we can become more present to ourselves and others. Creative movement allows for the embodied expression of grief, bringing us from our heads into our hearts and toward a deeper level of self-connection and healing.

Note: All movement can be done seated, and all movement invitations are optional; all forms of creative expression and embodiment, including stillness, is welcome.

The event will end with optional 15-minute breakout groups to reflect on the experience. Those who are part of the Covid Grief Network (CGN) will be able to join a CGN member-only breakout group.



On Manifesting and Knowing your Heart's Desires

What does it mean to "manifest?" How does one live their heart's desires?  Please share your reflections in this short survey:

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photos  by Yi-Chun Wu, Judy Aiges Sasha Soreff, Renee Dumouchel

pictured: Desira Barnes (in two images), Nathan Duszny, Ryan Leveille, Mika Yanagihara and Ana Romero; Marcia-Elizabeth Baker- Thompsen, Masanori Asahara, Sasha Soreff