I was honored to participate recently in an event created bblack square featuring two human figures holding hands silhouetted by 4 thick green lines wih thr words y I AM HUMANITY to kick off Climate Restoration week and prepare for Earth Day.  Click here to access the recording, which includes a guided meditation (led by Patricia Pearce), followed by an embodiment experience (led by me) and then a writing practice (led by Maggie Leary) that invites us into imagining and cultivating a thriving Earth.

On Manifesting and Knowing your Heart's Desires

What does it mean to "manifest?" How does one live their heart's desires?  Please share your reflections in this short survey:

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photos on rotation by Yi-Chun Wu, Julia McNeal, Judy Aiges Sasha Soreff, sneakers: Renee Dumouchel

pictured: Desira Barnes (in two images), Nathan Duszny, Ryan Leveille, Mika Yanagihara and Ana Romero; Marcia-Elizabeth Baker- Thompsen, Masanori Asahara, Sasha Soreff