Sasha is Teaching in Portland, Maine!

Saturday, 2.17 @ 9:15 -10:45 am

Sasha is thrilled to be guest teaching at her home studio, Casco Bay Movers. Come dance! 

Contemporary Dance Class

A space to move in zoom community.

Mondays, 6-7 pm EDT


Have a Heart - A Valentine's Day (or not) Dance Party

Wednesday, 2.14 @ 5 pm pacific/8 pm eastern

There are these days that can carry extra weight as we move through the calendar.   Valentine's Day is on that list.  Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, maybe you have plans for Valentine's Day, maybe you don't.  However this day is for you, sometimes it just feels good to dance! 

 Feel free to pop in for a tune or for the full hour:

*45 minutes = dance party                                                                   *15 minutes = embodied heart blessings/intentions

Dance is however you define it, whether that be seated, lying down, or standing (if that is within one's range of motion), on or off camera. Any and all movement - including stillness - is welcome...

Mourning, Moving & Empathy

Thursday, 2/1 @ 12 noon eastern

How can we touch grief and not be consumed? How can we stay in the world as we tend to our hearts? An exploration of grief with empathy, meditation, and (optional) movement. 

This is an introduction to empathy/movement, no experience necessary.